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Denice's BLACK SAUCE, HICKORY SMOKED BBQ,  eLderflower Dressing, Spicy sweet chilli sauce, irish tomato relish, basil  Pesto, spices & dips with more to come....

It all started back in 1998 backstage at a gig.. 2am, the morning of show day with a margarita in one hand & a cuban cigar in the other, sitting on a bag of spuds.yeah just gotta to love rock n roll ...

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Whooohooo compliments 

 Denice's Black Sauce.. The band wouldn't go on tour without it.. Tour Manager "The Counting Crows"

 Divine sauces from a divine cook 

"John Hurt"

A beautiful soul and actor, a wonderful man to cook for... 



 Best dish I have had at a gig 

Michael Stipe lead singer R.E.M 

Live on stage, Lansdowne rd Dublin 

Happy Trio BBQ,Elderflower & Black sauce

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BBQ Gift/ Hamper/Food Kit 


R.E.M Gift/ Hamper/food kit 


Denice's Fresh Basil Pesto

Hamburger in Relish Action

Denice's Irish Tomato Relish